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This is a Telugu Movie and Dubbed in Hindi Which is Available Before 1 Day. The movie story is About Seenu who enjoys fights right from his childhood. He appreciates violence. He wants to be like Manikyam, who was a goonda, as everyone, including his teacher, is afraid of him. When all the boys wanted to become doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals, Seenu wants to become a goonda. Though he behaves like a ruffian, he comes to know that one should have the support of a politician or a big dada. With the help of Laddu an associate of Manikyam, Seenu meets the latter and joins his gang. At this juncture, Seenu falls in love with Subbalakshmi. As she pleads with Seenu to help her friend’s father, Seenu agrees to settle a land deal. But the land was under illegal occupation of Manikyam’s gang member. As he promised to settle the deal, Seenu opposes Manikyam. This makes Seenu a hero, and he also starts doing settlements on his own. Once, Seenu agrees to help an industrialist, whose quarry was occupied by Yadav, with the support of Manikyam. As things go out of control, Seenu decides to kill Yadav.

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