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Krish (Ram) could be a slaphappy guy World Health Organization lives together with his brother and in-law. He was dotty with a woman named Manju (Sheela). Manju happens to be the girl of Simhachalam (Mukesh Rishi). Krish’s solely intention is to become made by marrying her and does not have any feelings whatever towards her.He weaves a romance between him and a woman known as Meenakshi aka Meenu (Hansika Motwani)to create Manju fall for him. He additionally meets Meenu and he starts to love her for real and falls dotty together with her. Meanwhile, Simhachalam and Shinde (Pradeep Rawat) run against one another during a presidential election in Old Delhi. Shinde could be a man of misdeeds. Shinde tries to search out faults in Simhachalam’s personal life so he will expose him before of the leadership of the party, so his route are clear to urge the party price tag. Shinde involves learn that Simhachalam has another woman (Sita) and a girl World Health Organization sleep in Hyderabad. He sends his men to search out them.

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