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American assassin Curtie Church (Hounsou) is completing a job in Thailand when 18-year-old child prostitute, Mae, witnesses Church killing a group of her captors, the Chang Cao gang, and afterwards framing the Jong Ang Gang for the murders. Church collects his payment for the job from his client, Rajahdon, whose daughter was murdered. Church travels to his hideout near a monastery and within sight of Kitty Kat, a Jong Ang Gang club. While Church is eating, Mae arrives. After interrogating her, he ties her up and gags her. Church has strange dreams of Mae, then awakes in the monastery. He leaves immediately and kills the snipers watching the club of his weapons dealer, Jimmy (Bacon), taking one of their cellphones. Church arranges a meeting with Rajahdon, but hides outside until Rajahdon leaves. Church follows him back to a brothel and pays for a room. After entering the room, he asks the girl if Rajahdon is the boss and where he is.

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