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Anil (Siva Balaji) may be a film producer. Anil decides to bring out his next album on ‘fear’. Chitra (Madhushalini) meets him with the assistance of his assistant director. throughout the shoot, the assistant director dies and everybody predicts it because the work of a ghost. ACP Chatterjee (Asish Vidyarthi) throughout his investigation finds the ghost and meets Sivaswamy (Rami Reddy), UN agency calls the ghost by singing some mantras. The ghost is none apart from Anil’s love Bhanumati (Nikhita). Later, Chitra additionally gets killed. Chatterjee predicts that Anil is that the killer and tries to save lots of his sister from obtaining killed by him. The film ends with the narration of the follies of Anil by ACP Chatterjee.

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