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On a remote island, a Primal Park security guard enters a locked restricted area, where a sabre-tooth cat kills him. As Alan performs an inspection, Niles takes his ex-brother-in-law Grant and Autumn to a hotel where other investors are waiting. Security guards Savannah and Sundip ignore an alert on a gate, but Alan insists on checking it. College students Kirk, Alaina, Robbie, Alys, and Collette arrive to complete a scavenger hunt, and Niles takes them to the hotel. After reporting an open gate, Alan finds the dead guard, and a sabretooth kills him. Sundip radios Savannah to let her know about the breach. As the students break into a shopping center complex, Savannah learns the cats have not returned to their pens. After Niles’ pitch to investors, Savannah recommends to him they shut down the park, but he refuses. Kirk and Robbie set off an alarm. When Robbie and Alys hack into the computer system to turn it off, they accidentally release all the sabretooths. Sundip discovers the dead guards, but is unable to contact Savannah because the security system is down. A sabretooth kills him as he hunts it.

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